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Vredestein Fortezza Quattro Tricomp Tire

The Fortezza Quattro TriComp tire has one of the more uniques designs on the market. Vredestein based the design on the regular TriComp, but added a slick center strip with small slick axial paths to help enhance grip on both inconsistent and wet terrain. In general, the TriComps tend to have a bit more tread than most tires and are a tad heavier. Durability, reliability and overall road feel is superb.

The tread is a Silica based compound for long wear time and features Vrediestein's Curve Control System (CCS) which allow them to keep their shape during cornering for more consistent cornering feel and added grip. Under the tread is a Full Contact Protection (FCP) casing cover which offers excellent puncture protection to not only the tread, but the shoulders and sidewalls. The 120tpi casing is soft and supple for good handling manners, yet durable enough for everyday riding and abuse.


  • 120tpi casing
  • 145psi recommended inflation pressure
  • 251 grams
  • Made in The Netherlands
  • $62.95
    Reg Price $69.95
    Item #: 724020 Weight: 251g


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    2/13/2009 12:36:43 PM

     Anonymous : 

    in my experience the 251gm weight that is listed here is correct, so these are pretty heavy tires for their width. on the other hand they are very, very reliable and tough. a friend who rides on city streets and along a highway was regularly trashing tires so, at my suggestion he put the Quattros on his carbon bike. no flats in over a year and the tires look good. I have also used three Quattros for over a year of riding. they are very comfortable and fast. they are excellent descenders in steep, tight turns. If you can stand the weight i have not found any tire of their size to be so agile AND reliable.