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Castelli Free Aero Race Shorts

For thos riders who want optimal perfomance but prefier the fit and conveince of a bib, Castelli offers The Free Aero Race Shorts. Cycling apparel manufacters offer shorts, but none sans Castelli offers thier high end bib short in a standard short. So we can say for that reason, these fitted shorts are the highest perfomance shorts availible to the public.

The body of the shorts are constructed from three main panels. Castelli's Action Micro fabric adorns the saddle contact areas for durability and reduced friction. It also makes sure the garment will last and not wear prematurely. Proprietary Energia Micro fabric is used on the sides and back to provide what Castelli calls stretch and return. Meaning, it allows for the fabric to expand and contract during the pedaling motion. It provides excellent muscle compression and support without being too restrictive. Important to note, this Energia Micro panel wraps around and is stitched to surrounding panels on the outside of the garment, so there is no inner leg seam to rub and cause friction while pedaling. The third fabric is called Breathe Micro fabric and it is used as a front panel to provide wicking and breathability. It also helps explain why these shorts perform so well in warm conditions. The leg grippers are Castelli's proven Giro++ design and give a natural feeling extension and termination of the garment on your thighs. The Giro++ gripper manages to stay attached to your thigh without binding or applying too much pressure.

These shorts are finished off with the amazing Progetto X2 insert. This elastic insert features a two piece construction. The first piece is the base. This is the working part of the chamois which has three gel areas that are located at your sit bones and soft tissue areas and is sculpted for an anatomic fit. The second is a skin care layer that is bacteriostatic, soft and seamless to prevent chafing. When you combine these two parts into one unified chamois, you get one of the best cycling inserts ever produced. Due to the construction of the insert, you can pin the chamois into the shorts prior to stitching for a perfect, non-wrinkled fit.


  • Durable Action Micro fabric
  • Elastic Energia Micro fabric
  • Breathable and wicking Breathe Micro fabric
  • Giro++ leg grippers
  • Progetto X2 Air 2 piece insert
  • Great style cues
  • Anatomically cut pattern fit
  • Low volume
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Item #: 842486