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3T Funda Pro Fork

The 3T Funda Pro fork will provide solid handling and optimal airflow. The upper portion of the fork near the rim is an airfoil shape to minimize aerodynamic turbulence where it matters the most. The fork is an all-carbon construction. 3T uses its 100% designed for composites philosophy to deliver a fork that is strong, light, and delivers perfect handling.

3T was a well established name and last year, they decided to stage a comeback after a few quiet years. They hired a technical director from the Ferrari F1 team and made a major investment in engineering resulting in new, improved, advanced designs. 3T reviewed every aspect of their business and it paid off with many spot-on new products some of which were used to win the Tour de France and gold medals in Beijing.


  • 43mm rake
  • 366 grams
  • Solid handling
  • 300mm steerer
  • 1 1/8" threadless
  • 100% carbon fiber construction
  • Upper portion of fork is an aerodynamic airfoil shape

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  • $369.95
    Item #: 035080 Weight: 366g
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