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Panache GS Panache Thermal Jersey

Panache like Excel Sports is a Boulder, Colorado based company that channels Boulder's passion for all things cycling into a clothing line that is outstanding in terms of both looks and performance. The GS Panache Thermal jersey is a long-sleeved cycling jersey that holds on to the warmth generated while riding. Panache uses a specific, high loft fleece on the inside that has a graduated gauge so that warm air is trapped, and moisture is transferred outward from the core keeping you warm and comfortable.

The GS jersey has important features such as arms long enough so that the wrists are covered even for tall riders. Other details include three full size rear pockets for convenient storage. A one-finger quick action wide pull zipper locks in place in the down position. In the up position it will open easily with a tug on the jersey. SuperWickThick™ fabric has an air tight weave with super-wicking fleece and stretch. Panache also uses a super tight stitch for styles like this one that require keeping in the warmth.

This jersey is perfect for cool and cold conditions - whenever the temperature dips below about 60ºF.


  • 185 grams (medium)
  • Three full size rear pockets
  • Full zip with locking, one-finger zip
  • Tagless - no tags, no chafing, no problem
  • SuperWickThick™ - an tight weave, super-wicking fleece stretch fabric
Reg Price $159.95


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