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Capo GS-13 Leggero Wind Jacket

Capo's GS-13 wind jacket offers a lightweight and low volume way to keep dry and warm while being seen. Perfect fall or spring garment when the temp drops a bit and the weather can be unstable.

There are three main components in the GS-13 that are combined to offer layers of protection. Winter Quattro is placed against your body. It is a dual-knit, fast drying fabric providing insulation and breathability. On the outside and directly facing the elements is Element-4. This textile provides the weather barrier, it is a multi-layer fabric combining good breathability, all-way stretch and both wind and water protection. Sandwiched in between these two textiles is Super Roubaix Carbon. This is used to help the push-pull effect of warmth and moisture control. It helps bridge the gap between being warm and dry.


  • 40°- 60° temperature range
  • Perfect fall/spring garment
  • Athletic fit
  • Visible yellow color/graphics
  • Choose size
  • Made in Italy
Reg Price $199.99


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