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Ergon GS1-S Racing Grips

Mountain biking can be tough on a lot of body parts, but the hands in particular can really take a beating. Ergon recently developed the GS1 from the ground up as a marathon specific grip with the ideal balance of light weight and comfort. This new design optimized for endurance racing has a reduced wing for easier hand positioning. In fact, the GS1s were used by Alban Lakata to win the 2010 World Marathon Championship. Also, these grips can be absolutely fabulous for anyone with hand or wrist pain issues.

The grips unique internal construction supports the hand using two internal individually tuned internal supports for perfect rebound and control. The lightweight leichtbau Direct Control rubber delivers just the cushioning and trail feel. Ergon includes a nicely integrated aircraft aluminum clamp which holds the grip securely in place without slipping.

These grips come in two sizes - small and large. It seems to us that most folks would want to go with the small size for a more secure grip feel unless you have really large hands. To maximize the comfort advantage as well as optimal hand and wrist ergonomics, we suggest taking a little time to really dial in the grip position which is easily done with a 4mm hex wrench.


  • 146 grams
  • Aircraft aluminum clamp
  • Direct control lightweight rubber
  • Ideal balance of low weigh and comfort
  • Designed for marathon and endurance racing
  • Designed to prevent pain in the hand and wrist
Reg Price $35.95
Item #: 379201 Weight: 146g