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Mountain    Handlebar Grips

Ergon GS2 Leichtbau Grip

The Ergon GS2 features a 3-finger bar end incorporated into the grip. A rubber insert on the bar end provides a no-slip surface. The wing-shaped top of the GS2 reduces hand pressure with its more generous surface area. The grip can be easily adjusted for the optimal wrist/hand angle independently of the bar end - great for relieving carpal tunnel. The wider surface also works to relieve pressure on the Ulnar nerve. Ergon grips are designed for endurance mountain bike racing but give benefits to any rider wanting to move to 21st century grip technology.

The grips unique internal construction supports the hand using two internal individually tuned internal supports for perfect rebound and control. The lightweight leichtbau Direct Control rubber delivers just the cushioning and trail feel. The bar end doubles as a clamp which holds the grip securely in place without slipping. Both the grip and the bar end can be adjusted independently of each other.

These grips come in two sizes - small and large. It seems to us that most folks would want to go with the small size for a more secure grip feel unless you have really large hands. To maximize the comfort advantage as well as optimal hand and wrist ergonomics, we suggest taking a little time to really dial in the grip and bar end position which is easily done with a 4mm hex wrench.


  • 222 grams
  • 3-finger bar end built in
  • Direct control lightweight rubber
  • Designed for marathon and endurance racing
  • Designed to prevent pain in the hand and wrist
Reg Price $59.95
Item #: 379206 Weight: 222g


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 Anonymous : 

just did my first 40k or so with these them. Very light and comfortable and easily adjustable to preference

Pros: comfortable and adjustable