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Bell Gage Helmet

When it comes to the Bell helmet range, the Gage is tops of the pops. And being at the top of the heap, it features the most vents making it the coolest helmet they offer as well as the lightest. Beyond those features, it is also the toughest helmet in the road line up. You got to love technology, when you get more for less.

What you get in the Gage is a lightweight 238 gram helmet that has strategically placed vents to provide both air intake for cooling and rear porting (exhaust ports) to provide hot air release. Bell calls this Channeled Ventilation. The air coming in through the front vents cool your dome and then travels through the rear vents to expel the hot air that was collected. The design is both simple and effective. The Gage sports some familiar Bell technologies to keep you safe. The first is Fusion In-Mold Microshell treatment. As you'd would expect from its namesake, the hardshell is bonded to the EPS foam layer and creates a far stronger product. The other tech being the In-Mold bottom wrap that covers areas that are less durable and often left uncovered by many other helmet manufacturers.

Bell's Twin Axis Gear cradle makes fitting the Gage to your head an easy task. A single rubber dial opens and closes by dialing the knob left or right. Just rotate the dial to open and close and when to you find your desired tension. The straps are a breeze to size up and adjust due to the simple and clever cam lock lever. Full moisture-wicking X-static anti-microbial pads are included in different thickness to help you micro dial in your fit.


  • 26 wide intake/exhaust vents
  • Camlock levers
  • Channeled Ventilation
  • Fusion In-Mold Microshell
  • Internal reinforcement
  • Lightweight webbing
  • TAG (Twin Axis Gear) tension adjustment
  • X-Static Padding
  • 238 grams

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