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Tacx Galaxia Rollers

The Galaxia Roller system is the world's first dynamic set of rollers. Meaning, the roller will move forward and back to the original position depending on the riders movements. When you increase the kinetic energy output (created during accelerating), the trainer moves forward. When you decelerate the pace and slow down, the trainer moves back to its's original position. Riding rollers used to be a one dimensional workout, now sprints, fast accelerations and standing on the pedals is a reality. Your workouts can become much more varied.

The quality of the Galaxia rollers are superb. The drums are heavy and have a conical shape to make the ride extra stable. It is virtually impossible to ride off them. The Galaxia rollers collapse to only 31.5" (80) and are easily transportable.


  • Dynamic fore-aft action
  • Rollers move with you when accelerating, sprinting and standing
  • Collapsible for storage or travel
  • Quality craftsmanship throughout
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