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Continental Gator Hardshell Tire

The Continental Gator Hardshell is similar to the ever-popular Gatorskin, except it undergoes the 'hardshell treatment'. This means the DuraSkin casing wraps further into the sidewall and an extra-wide PolyX Breaker covers the entire tread strip.

The casing is constructed of a 3 ply 180tpi fabric that receives the tight-mesh DuraSkin wrapping. The very top of the tire gets the puncture proof PolyX Breaker strip. Finally, the Gator Hardshell gets a thicker-than-normal, long lasting/high mileage and durable tread.

This construction makes this tire an easy choice for the rider that wants to log many miles in any condition without issue. The fact they last so long makes them a good value in the long run. The Gator Hardshell sets the standard for a high performance training tire.


  • Folding Aramid bead
  • DuraSkin sidewall cover
  • Wide PolyX Breaker strip
  • 3-ply 180tpi casing
  • 120 maximum psi
  • Extra rubber in tread for longer mileage
  • 248 grams - 23mm
  • 268 grams - 25mm
  • Made in Germany
  • $49.95
    Reg Price $69.95
    Item #: 720090 Weight: 253g