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Continental Gator Hardshell Tire

The Continental Gator Hardshell is similar to the ever-popular Gatorskin, except it undergoes the 'hardshell treatment'. This means the DuraSkin casing wraps further into the sidewall and an extra-wide PolyX Breaker covers the entire tread strip.

The casing is constructed of a 3 ply 180tpi fabric that receives the tight-mesh DuraSkin wrapping. The very top of the tire gets the puncture proof PolyX Breaker strip. Finally, the Gator Hardshell gets a thicker-than-normal, long lasting/high mileage and durable tread.

This construction makes this tire an easy choice for the rider that wants to log many miles in any condition without issue. The fact they last so long makes them a good value in the long run. The Gator Hardshell sets the standard for a high performance training tire.


  • Folding Aramid bead
  • DuraSkin sidewall cover
  • Wide PolyX Breaker strip
  • 3-ply 180tpi casing
  • 120 maximum psi
  • Extra rubber in tread for longer mileage
  • 248 grams - 23mm
  • 268 grams - 25mm
  • Made in Germany
  • $49.95
    Reg Price $69.95
    Item #: 720090 Weight: 253g


    Average Rating:


     Anonymous : 

    Just replaced a pair this week.20000 kilometres and not one puncture ,awesome .


     Anonymous : 

    The best training tyre I've ever used over 25 rears of riding. I already have about 4000km's on these with the front hardly showing wear and the back looking like it still has heaps of life in it. I'm uising with slime tubes and have not had 1 puncture yet! We had really bad weather here during February and March and despite rain, mud, glass on the roads no punctures. Grip and handling are great too, even in the wet.Can't say I had the same issues getting them on they went on OK for me. Simon from Australia

    Pros: Long life, No punctures

    Cons: None

    6/7/2011 8:12:55 PM

     Anonymous : 

    These are truly superb training and/or commuting tires. Yes, these are a little difficult to install but try warming the tires in the sun for an hour or two and this will soften them up. I use this as a rear tire on a single speed road bike and have far exceeded 4,000 miles. I inspect this tire and all others I use daily after each ride. Worth every penny and lives up to Continental’s claims.

    6/3/2011 1:31:31 PM

     Anonymous : 

    I’ve had these on for about 750 miles with zero flats. On the same roads with other tires I was getting at least one flat per week, lots of broken glass here in SE MA. They are bomb proof, but heavy, very heavy. I had no problems mounting them, no more difficult than most clinchers and easier than some I’ve struggled with.

    11/28/2010 1:03:27 PM

     Anonymous : 

    A fantastic tire for winter riding or when riding on dirt roads. They’re fast and corner well. The only reason I’m not giving them 5 stars is because they are a BEAR TO MOUNT--much more so than the Conti Grand Prix 4000s tires I usually ride--and those are hard to mount the first time too.