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Continental Gatorskin Tire

Continental likes to refer to the GatorSkin as the "Kilometer King", meaning that the special formulated, high mileage tread will last many, many kilometers. Conti's protective GatorSkin mesh casing layer completely envelops the casing offering an added protective layer which protects the sidewalls from wear and damage and also adds another layer of puncture resistance under the tread.

The Gatorskin is a perfect choice for a long lasting training tire, century riders and for any rider who are logging massive miles. The quality 3 ply, 180tpi casing offers a smooth ride quality while the black rubber compound offers superb grip. The Kevlar strip under the tread helps offer additional protection from debris on the road while not adversely affecting performance.


  • Protective Kevlar® strip
  • High mileage tread
  • GatorSkin mesh protective layer
  • 110-120 psi rating
  • 230 grams - 23mm
  • 250 grams - 25mm
  • Folding tire
  • Made in Germany
  • $42.95
    Reg Price $64.95
    Item #: 720080


    Average Rating:


     Anonymous : 

    I am limited to riding a 4.7 mile loop on some very rough, unmaintained, third-world roads; (lots of debris, potholes, trash, and dirt). I flatted out my rear tire on the first four out of five rides using the stock tires. Since switching to Gatorskins I have over 2,000 flat free miles. They roll and grip well in all conditions. I definitely recommend and will definitely reorder.

    Pros: Flat free

    Cons: None


     Anonymous : 

    Exceptionally durable and puncture resistant with minimal performance loss - great handling and decent rolling resistance. I ride these all winter (SoCal) and forget about road debris, etc, and have them on my wife and daughter's bikes all year to minimize their having to deal with flats. The only thing that will flat these is thorns (e.g., goat heads). Impervious to all else. Great tires!!

    Pros: nearly flat free with minimal performance penalty

    Cons: not cheap, but a good value


     Anonymous : 

    excellent general purpose tire, flat resistant and about twice the service life of other road tires. Note they will puncture and can be difficult to remove from the rim, so bring tire levers.

    3/6/2011 7:17:05 PM

     Anonymous : 

    I have ridden several sets of these and they seem very puncture resistant. I do not recall having any puncture flats. One set, I got 5000 miles out of! This is a very excellent tire for all riding conditions.

    8/29/2007 6:02:50 PM

     Anonymous : 

    Excellent all around tire. I use it for trainning and i am impressed with it´s puncture resistance. Be carefull in wet conditions. A high mileage tire.