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Elite Ciussi Gel Bottle Cage Alloy

The Ciussi bottle cage is the result of Elite's experience accumulated through the years of collaboration with the professional cycling world.Theses cages feature Gel "buttons" that make for a secure grip and will not mark up your water bottles. The cages are TIG welded alloy for the ultimate in strength and reliability.


  • Gel buttons for smooth use
  • 75 grams
  • Available in silver or black
  • Made in Italy
  • $19.95
    Item #: 402011


    Average Rating:


     Anonymous : 

    Save your receipt. The Elite cages have broken time & time again. Ive had 3 cages break on me. Yes, 2 during races. Cages seem to break at the weld. One of the cages was 2 weeks old when it just snapped. Ive spent less money on cages with more durability. "Elite" does not describe these cages.

    8/6/2011 4:32:39 AM

     Anonymous : 

    The professional color scheme (Black White strip) is unmatched, Cuissi Elite holds the bottle in place and add’s to your bikes overall appearence. I did have to push the upper cage in slightly to get a better grip on bottles.

    4/29/2009 8:03:54 PM

     Anonymous : 

    I have a pair of Elite Ciussi cages that are going on seven years old. I have switched them back and forth between three different bikes. They are strong and do a good job of holding your bottles. You do have to bend them back in shape once and awhile, especially if you freeze your bottles in the summer. About the only downside is they will leave mark marks on your bottles, just use some Bon Ami and elbow grease and they will come off.

    11/9/2003 7:14:30 PM

     Allan Tucker : 

    A beefy looking aluminum bottle cage that has two buttons to help grip the bottle while in the cage. If you spend most of your time riding on less than perfect road surfaces, this cage can take the repeated bumps and will not allow your bottle to fall out. The construction is strong and the welds are applied smoothly, however all this comes at a price, as it is certainly not as light as the carbon or titanium cages. It is advisable to apply a little hand pressure to the cage as if you were attempting to close up the distance between the frame and curved portion of the cage, this should only be done after fitting it to the frame. The reason for this is because most of these cages I have seen tend to hold the bottle a bit on the slack side, so a little squeeze gets the grip perfect if yours seems slack.