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Continental Grand Prix 4-Season Tire

The Grand Prix 4-Season borrows technology from different tires in the Grand Prix line up to offer the best combination of performance and durability.

The core of the tire is a 3 ply 330tpi Grand Prix 4000 casing. This casing is then completely wrapped with a tight mesh DuraSkin casing. This is the same casing that is used on the GatorSkin series tires. This GatorSkin wrap protects not only the sidewalls, but the entire tire. On the top of the tire casing and under the tread are two layers of Vectran Breaker strips that give excellent puncture protection. The Vectran material is very flexible and pliant, so it does not affect performance of the tire.

The tread is a special carbon formula which is very similar to Conti's venerable Black Chili tread. It has a long life span and great performance as well as excellent adhesion on wet roads and at low temperatures.

All of these elements combined in one product make for one of the best high performance training tires ever produced.


  • High mileage carbon compound tread
  • 3 ply/330tpi casing
  • Vectran Breaker strip
  • GatorSkin mesh protective layer
  • 230 grams - 23mm
  • 240 grams - 25mm
  • 260 grams - 28mm
  • Made in Germany
  • $54.95
    Reg Price $79.95
    Item #: 720011