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Continental Grand Prix Attack Tire

Pretty amazing that Continental can offer a sub-200 gram tire that is this durable and reliable. Front tires wear far slower than their rear counter parts, so less tread (weight) is required. Good opportunity to shave 20-40 grams of rotating mass off of your front tire. The slightly narrower 22mm profile greatly reduces drag and improves aerodynamics. When you think about it - the front tire is the very first thing on your bike that pierces the wind and tire width plays an important part when trying to decrease your frontal mass.

The Grand Prix Attack tire with Black Chili compound is specifically engineered to provide optimal performance as a front tire. The tread pattern of the tire was specifically designed for steering and braking forces as well as weight distribution that a front tire receives. The 22mm width compliments the tread design and is perfect for a front shoe.

The Black Chili compound allows the tire to mold to uneven road surfaces and provides longer tire life and lower rolling resistance with the aid of the small carbon particles incorporated into the tread. The GP Attack has a Vectran puncture protection strips inserted under the tread. It is essentially a protective belt made of super strong and extremely lightweight material. Small wear levels indicators have been molded into the tread to measure wear.


  • 3 ply 330tpi casing
  • Vectran Breaker belt
  • Front specific tire design for optimal performance
  • Black Chili compound for low rolling resistance
  • Maximum inflation 120 psi
  • 186 grams
  • Made in Germany
  • $59.95
    Reg Price $69.95
    Item #: 720056 Weight: 186g