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Continental Grand Prix Force Tire

The Continental Grand Prix Force made with the Black Chili compound is a rear-specific racing tire. The Force is designed for longer wear which is critical in a rear tire, slightly wider width for more stability and a rear specific tread pattern.

The slightly wider-than-normal 24mm wider profile adds a larger contact patch for better adhesion by adding more rubber to the road. More rubber spread out on the ground also increases wear life and gives more grip when force is applied to the tire. The tread pattern works in tandem with the larger width, offering traction and siping on the very sides of the tire and a smooth tread-less center.

The Black Chili compound allows the tire to mold to uneven road surfaces and provides longer tire life and lower rolling resistance with the aid of the small carbon particles incorporated into the tread. The GP Force has a Vectran puncture protection strips inserted under the tread. It is essentially a protective belt made of super strong and extremely lightweight material. Small wear levels indicators have been molded into the tread to measure wear.

At sub-190 grams this tire is extremely light, but still offers the durability and reliability when have come to expect and demand from the Grand Prix series tires from Continental.


  • Black Chili compound
  • Rear specific tire
  • 120 Maximum psi
  • Puncture resistant belts
  • 189 grams
  • Made in Germany
  • $59.95
    Reg Price $69.95
    Item #: 720065 Weight: 188g