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Challenge Grifo Tubular Cyclocross Tire

Handmade tubular with supper supple sidewalls and classic tread pattern make this tire a winner in almost all conditions - if you can't afford or can even find a Dugast, the Grifo is for you.

Challenge uses a special 300 tpi casing that allows low pressures down to 23 psi when you really need bit in the corners on uneven, rough terrain. The Grifo works well on a variety of courses. It features a fairly aggressive tread with fast rolling properties.

Challenge handmade tires achieve their impressive ride quality by gluing the tread onto the casing by hand during the manufacturing process. Most other tubular tires bond the tread to the casing with a high-heat, automated process. The high heat vulcanization process produces a tire where the tread is under tension. This creates a stiffer casing, harder ride, and tread cuts that tend to rapidly expand. Challenge's method of hand gluing the tread to the casing allows the tread to conform to the surface and offers the best performance with the supple, high tpi casing of a premium tire.


  • 300tpi casing
  • 23-84psi recommended range
  • 455 grams
  • removable valve cores
  • Fast rolling and aggressive all purpose tread
Reg Price $115.00


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