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HED H-3 Clincher Front Wheel

The distinctive three-spoke configuration of the H3 has given it more Tour de France top 10 TT finishes than any other wheel in the last 10 years, with or without stickers. It is the most aero production front wheel available. Other aero wheels are certainly speedy, but they have a specific wind/crosswind range in which they excel. The H3 provides speed no matter where the wind is and has a very consistent drag curve as wind angle increases. A 55mm deep rim section slices through the air while the narrow rim profile means that the H3 works in even the narrowest TT frames.

Using RTM construction, the spokes, rim, and hub are co-molded in one operation. Because there are no secondary bonding processes, the H3s are supremely strong. This makes it the perfect wheel for frequent travelers, with no metal spokes to crush, and a very slim and bike-box-friendly shape. A skewer is included and the valve stem door design uses a standard 42mm or shorter length valve stem.


  • 875grams
  • Skewer included
  • Wheel-specific sealed bearings
  • Performs consistently in all wind conditions (headwind, crosswind, or tailwind)
  • The most aero production front wheel available
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Item #: 064000 Weight: 820g
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