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GoPro HD Hero3 Plus Silver Edition Camera

At one time, helmet cameras were considered exclusive to the extreme sport world, seen only on the bodies of people who were riding the toughest terrain and taking the biggest chances. During this time GoPro started by creating a camera that could hold up to the rigors of the most extreme environments and the ability to withstand some of the worst situations you could put a small digital camera in. These days the cameras have gotten smaller, the image quality has gotten so much better and the use for these cameras has expanded. With new technology cameras have become much more user friendly and now it is not uncommon at all to add a camera to your normal gear for the simple safety of recording anything that may happen on your ride.

The Hero 3+ Silver Edition provides you with the same great quality that the Hero 3 provided, but it does it in a smaller package. In addition it adds Wi-Fi capability built into the camera so you can use your smartphone to view video, set up the camera positioning or make adjustments to the cameras settings. A Wi-Fi remote control is available separately for even simpler on and off capabilities. The new Hero 3+ is also waterproof like its predecessors to allow you to use the camera in any condition including under water. If you do choose to take this camera swimming the new flat lens cover provides unmatched picture quality underwater as well.


  • Wearable mountable design
  • Professional Quality HD video
  • Built in Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Rugged Housing, waterproof to 60M
  • Great variety of GoPro mounts for all applications
  • Lighter and 20% thinner than the Hero 3
  • Professional 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps and WVGA 240fps video capture
  • 10MP photo capture with 10fps burst
  • Wi-Fi built in
  • GoPro App Compatible (free)
  • Uses a MicroSD card for Memory (Not Included)
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