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Nitto Handlebar Shim

These shims provide compatibility with smaller diameter handle bars to larger diameter stems. The industry standard has increased the diameter of bars and stems from 26.0mm to 31.8mm. This deemed any 26.0mm bar useless if you want to run a modern 31.8mm stem. These shims now breath a breath of life back into these 26.0mm bars by offering compatibility between the two sizes.

We sell them in three sizes. 26.0mm which makes old school stems compatible with even older school bars. 25.4mm to 31.8mm which make those ancient bars work with 31.8mm stems and the super popular 26.0mm to 31.8mm which make compatible these two very popular diameters.


  • Choose shim thickness for application
  • Quality construction
  • Includes 2 shims
  • Will not creak
  • $9.95


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