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Sidi Hydro GTX Winter Road Shoe

If you partake in year-round riding you need to embrace cold and wet conditions, and that requires proper foot attire. With the Hydro GTX, Sidi serves up a fully insulated and fully waterproof Gore-Tex upper keeps your feet warm while allowing some ventilation. The Hydro GTX shoes allow you to enjoy riding in inclement riding conditions and remain one of the best choices for four season cyclists.

The Hydro GTX road shoe use a four layer upper for optimal durability, weather-proofing and all season comfort. The outer layer features a tough Technomicro fabric panels with breathable heavy-duty nylon inserts. Beneath the Technomicro resides a layer is a seamless Gore-Tex bootie which provides a waterproof and breathable weather barrier. Below that is a light insulating layer for warmth, then finally a soft inner liner which provides both comfort and proper wicking qualities for moisture mitigation. Four layers, each task specific that work in harmony to keep you warm dry and comfortable in any condition.

The gusseted upper fits snugly around the ankle. This upper cuff creates a waterproof barrier where ordinary shoes would allow water to enter the shoe around the tongue. For optimal comfort and performance the wide neoprene-and-Velcro strap must be snug around the ankle, with tights or rain pants tucked around the outside of the boot. It allows for optimal protection while not impeding on articulation of the ankle for a smooth pedaling dynamic.


  • Standard industry standard 3 hole cleat mount
  • Waterproof/windproof Gore-Tex upper keeps feet dry
  • Semi insulated with wicking liner for warmth and moisture control
  • Slightly roomier fit accommodates thicker winter socks
  • Millennium 3 Sole
  • Replaceable heel pad
  • Four Velcro straps
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 Anonymous : 

I own both Hydro (MTB) and Diablo (Road) versions of these shoes and have used them for two years in Minnesota Winters. Since the shoes are identical except for their soles any comments apply to both. I normally wear a 43 Summer Sidi shoe and even though these Winter models are supposedly cut larger I went with a 44. The extra toe room is nice but is hampered by the fact that they are too narrow to fit all the socks I would like to wear. I wish they had a Mega version which was wider. I tried replacing the fairly thin stock insoles with a thicker Winter one and had to remove them as the additional thickness caused the shoes to be too tight. I normally wear one/two liner socks with a thick wool sock inside the shoe. This is fine to the upper 30's. When it gets colder I wear Shoe Covers as well. You need a screechy type of cover because the top of the shoe around the ankle is wide. I can ride a couple of hours in low 20's (with a good wind) without any problems.

Pros: Quality Construction, Fairly Warm-Windproof

Cons: No Mega Version

4/2/2011 8:38:02 AM

 Anonymous : 

Two winters. Sole is stiff enough but rest of shoe flexes too much. I have wide feet and this shoe is wider than my feet. Uncomfortable for flat feet. Wool sock takes some of the stress away, but guaranteed to come home with sore feet after an hour easy ride. Not sure of its water resistance but it has Gore-Tex material. Shoe will not keep feet warm below 15F (32F+20mph+10mph winds). Shoe cover a must, heel wrap around area exposed to outside air. Shoe will not completely protect your ankles from air. The thicker the sock the more chances for shoe to wrap around heel area. If you are slim you might end up wraping velcro past its mating point therefore enlongating neoprene tongue and eventually ruining your shoe. The ticker the sock the better, I used hiking socks.