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Chris King ISO Disc Rear Hub

The ISO Disc rear hub combines a well though-out and proven design with parts that are machined to surgical precision. The hub will perform to task in the worst conditions for long periods of time. Service and cleaning procedures are downright simple due to the hubs design and structure.

Most riders are familiar with the unique sound or buzz that the rear hub emits when freewheeling. This is due to the 72 point ratchet system tucked away inside the freehub body. 72 points means virtually instant engagement, which is ideal (and practical) for off-road riding when the synergy of foot/pedal position for leverage and same-time engagement are paramount. There is no slop or play in the freehub, simply pedal forward and any point in time and the hub instantly applies tension to the drivetrain. The axle can be removed and replaced or upgraded to another axle type or size in a matter of minutes. The ISO Disc 6-bolt pattern will fit all standard rotors regardless of their diameter. This is clearly one of the best choices for an off-road hub you can purchase.


  • Easy to service and adjust
  • Perfect machining with tight tolerances
  • Polished finish with laser-etched logos
  • Can be easily converted to different axle types
  • Fits ISO Disc 6 bolt rotors
  • 306 grams
  • Made in USA

We offer these hubs in several different axle variations. Make sure to select the proper axle size and length.

Reg Price $399.00


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