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Road    Tires - Clincher

Hutchinson Intensive Tubeless Tire

The Hutchinson Intensive expands the choices of tubeless road tires for the growing availability of tubeless tire compatible wheelsets by offering a high mileage training tubeless tire.

The Hutchinson Intensive tubeless tire is a more durable and longer wearing option in a tubeless tire. It is a great choice for high-mileage months and also fantastic for races on rough, irregular road surfaces. Longer wear is achieved thanks to a thermoplastic-reinforced tread compound. Like the Fusion series tire, it has a triple compound. The center tread has a firm durameter, while the side treads are softer for improved cornering. The side treads are not slick but have actual tread for better handling in rougher terrain. They are 100% compatible will all tire sealants.


  • Triple compound
  • 115 psi maximum inflation
  • 100 psi recommended inflation
  • Excellent puncture resistance and wear
  • High-mileage durameter tread
  • Great for irregular road surfaces
  • 127 tpi
  • 315 grams
  • $69.99
    Reg Price $110.00
    Item #: 726540 Weight: 315g