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Hutchinson Intensive Tubeless Tire

The Hutchinson Intensive expands the choices of tubeless road tires for the growing availability of tubeless tire compatible wheelsets by offering a high mileage training tubeless tire.

The Hutchinson Intensive tubeless tire is a more durable and longer wearing option in a tubeless tire. It is a great choice for high-mileage months and also fantastic for races on rough, irregular road surfaces. Longer wear is achieved thanks to a thermoplastic-reinforced tread compound. Like the Fusion series tire, it has a triple compound. The center tread has a firm durameter, while the side treads are softer for improved cornering. The side treads are not slick but have actual tread for better handling in rougher terrain. They are 100% compatible will all tire sealants.


  • Triple compound
  • 115 psi maximum inflation
  • 100 psi recommended inflation
  • Excellent puncture resistance and wear
  • High-mileage durameter tread
  • Great for irregular road surfaces
  • 127 tpi
  • 315 grams
  • $69.99
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    Reg Price $110.00


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    Posted on 4/25/2013

    Love these... after running into some trouble getting my rims sealed (I used skinny tape at first, thinking that I could layer it side to side, but that allowed the sealant to leak into the spoke holes - go for tape that'll fit the whole interior width edge to edge), these have been brilliant, no maintenance beauts. I'm 150 and run them ~85psi and the ride is excellent. I have pulled a few thorns out and though the pressure dropped as the sealant did its thing, it did seal up and I was on my way. As an aside, getting flats is pretty much random anyway and basing your like/dislike for a tire on random chance is really not the best way to go. My rear's starting to show threads and I'll definitely replace it with another of these. Can't wait for the 28s to arrive.

    Pros Supple ride, Stans seals small punctures easily

    Cons Takes a quickstick or stiff lever to install


    Posted on 3/23/2013

    I am a mountain biker so have loved tubeless for quite a few years. I have found this tire a skinny 25 but otherwise pretty great. I ride on dirt roads, bad pavement and even trail w these and actually wore a rear tire though to threads without a flat. I replaced the sealant w some regularity which I think helps. With 2 kids I have found my road miles increasing a great deal (4-10 hours a week?) and I really like the security of no flats. I give 4 and not 5 stars because it's to skinny. caveat- I'm light- 145 lbs- and run 85 psi.

    Pros good ride, no flats

    Cons too skinny


    Posted on 11/2/2012

    I have to agree with previous reviewer that these aren't worth the mess or effort particularly if you have to service them on the road. They ride great however they do not appear to be a true 25mm width (more like 23). I got probably 4000 mi on the front, 2000 on the back. During this time both tires developed crackling in the outer casing. Finally these are awfully expensive! Until there is more competition with tubless tires I am l'm out on the tubeless game!

    Pros ride quality

    Cons cost, mess, not really 25mm width

    Jason Kase

    Posted on 10/3/2012

    I have used the Intensive with Stan's for approximately 1000 miles. During that time I have had 3 punctures that sealant would not seal. You can repair these punctures (labor intensive) and you can put in a tube while on the road (messy). I have had to trash my second tire after the repair failed in same spot. The ride quality is great but the hassle in my opinion is just not worth it. I have not had such frequent punctures using a traditional tube and tire setup (Vredestein, Continental). I can change a tube out with no mess and no hassle in short order compared to the tubeless with sealant setup. The caveat may be I am a heavier rider and inflate these near their limit (not at or over mind you) of 115 psi. Regardless, be prepared to spend a lot of frustrating time with these (unless you are Leonard Zinn I suppose).

    Pros Excellent ride quality

    Cons Maintenance and poor puncture resistance