Castelli Iride Seamless SS Base Layer

The Iride (say: ir'-e-day) Seamless SS Base Layer is the softest and most low-profile base layer Castelli produces. It feels like you're wearing cashmere that melts to your skin. This is a byproduct of to combination of Castelli's state-of-the-art seamless knitting technology and super soft fibers. Beyond comfort, the high-tech texturized polypropylene fibers do an excellent job and wicking moisture and keeping you dry.

Castelli optimizes moisture transport by using a proprietary polyproleyne-Lycra blend fabric. Polypropylene is a proven fabric for quickly transporting moisture away from your skin and keeping you dry . Once the moisture has reached this point, the Iride's Lycra nylon layer then transfers the moisture outward to the surface of the garment to evaporate.


  • Short sleeve with mock neck profile
  • Anatomical and tailored fit
  • Super soft and comfortable fabric
  • Seamless construction
  • Polypropylene-Lycra hybrid for excellent wicking
Reg Price $79.99


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