HED Jet Disc Clincher Rear Wheel

The HED Jet Clincher is proof that you can spend well under 2K and still get world beating performance. In fact, in 2011 the Jet Disc took the world TT championship.

HED uses new construction technology, to create a reliable wheel with incredible performance. Jet discs are a hybrid wheel, built with spokes for strength and durability. When the core wheel is completed, trued and stress relieved, disc sides are bonded to the hub rim and spokes. With a two part building process, the disc sides can be made lighter and shaped more readily, without losing any strength.

The new disc incorporates a toroidal bulge near the rim and a radius on the large transition leading from the hub to the bulge. These shapes make the Jet Disc not only faster than the standard disc, they make it faster than any other disc.

Compatible with Shimano/SRAM with all cassettes up to 11-speed.


  • 1300 grams
  • Light weight 3K carbon aero section
  • Skewer, rim tape and valve extender included
  • Rider weight limit 190lbs
  • Width: 23mm

Receive $172.50 in credits



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