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Topeak Joe Blow Ace

Any cyclist serious about performance knows perfect tire pressure is one of the keys to getting the most out of any ride. The JoeBlow Ace is a serious, premium pump and a logical match for the discerning rider with a bevy of top-end mountain, road, cross or track bicycles. It recently took top honors against eight other name-brand pumps it a test conducted by a national cycling magazine.

The Ace features an innovative three-stage design that achieves both high pressures and high volume in record time. Stage one opens both barrels for big volume to reach 60 psi with 30% less effort than standard floor pumps. Stage two uses the main barrel only for pressures up to 120 psi while stage three engages the small barrel to achieve an amazing 260 psi. The Stages are selected with a dial switch conveniently mounted on the top of the handle.

The JoeBlow Ace features the new SmartHead™ with air pressure release that senses whether your inner tube valve stem is Presta or Schrader and automatically adjusts the internals for a perfect, air tight fit every time. There is no need for adapters or swapping out pump head parts, just push the SmartHead™ onto the valve, flip the locking lever and start pumping.


  • 42" long hose
  • 260 psi / 18 bar capacity
  • innovative three-stage design
  • SmartHead™ with air release button
  • Durable enough for a high-traffic shop
  • Large base-mounted gauge with pointer arrow
  • 10.2" x 7.3"x 29.1" (26 x 18.5 x 74 cm)
  • Smarthead auto adjusts from Presta to Schraeder
  • Anodized aluminum barrel and aluminum/rubber base

    Topeak article number TJB-ACE

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    Posted on 3/29/2011 9:19:54 AM

    By far the best pump I have ever used. The 3-stage setting allows to to pump a tire with minimal effort. I road tire to 100psi took 9 strokes! Well worth the money.