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Topeak Joe Blow Pro

Everyone deserves a reliable pump that is easy to use and doesn't leak. Some pumps might last 20 years but require finesse - pumping with one hand and holding the head on the valve with the other. Other pumps work great for a year or two and then decide to call it quits. The Topeak JoeBlow Pro features a rare combination in pumps. Its outstanding performance makes it easy for any member of the household to use and its excellent durability is perfect for the home or high-traffic shop. If you have had bad experiences with other pumps, try the JoeBlow Pro.

The JoeBlow Pro features the SmartHead™ that senses whether your inner tube valve stem is Presta or Schrader and automatically adjusts the internals for a perfect, air tight fit every time. There is no need for adapters or swapping out pump head parts, just push the SmartHead™ onto the valve, flip the locking lever and start pumping.

Other features of the JoeBlow Pro include an easy-to-read, top mount gauge with a pointer arrow that goes to 160 psi. The elegant polished aluminum barrel is connected to an aluminum base that has a no-slip rubber tread. An extra-long 42-inch hose and padded handle make the Joe Blow convenient and comfortable.


  • 42" long hose
  • 160 psi / 11 bar capacity
  • Air release button
  • Durable enough for a high-traffic shop
  • Easy-to-read top mount gauge
  • 4.7" x 9.8"x 28.9" (11.9 x 25 x 73.4 cm)
  • Handle lock for storage and travel
  • Smarthead auto adjusts from Presta to Schraeder
  • Polished Aluminum barrel and aluminum/rubber base

    Topeak article number TJB-PRO2

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