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Full Speed Ahead K-Force Compact Handlebar

In a market filled with carbon bars, it's sometimes hard to make a clear choice on which one is best for you. The FSA K-Force is a good choice for just about any rider looking for good ergonomics and perhaps the reason why we sell so many of them. The features are smart and thoughtful and build quality is superb.

The shape of the tops are ovalized, but not to the degree of other ergo-type bars. It is a slight ovalization and flattening of a round bar. The bend of the drops have an increased radius so it isn't quite round but not completely anatomic either. A good way of summing up the bar is to think of it as semi-anatomical. It achieves the task of being comfortable and performance-forward, without being over the top and zany like many other anatomical handlebars.

Construction is unique in the fact that it uses Kevlar in the carbon mix. To be exact, it is woven 3K continuous carbon/kevlar composite construction. The material with the added Kevlar makes the bar super stiff and very durable. The bars are butted with reinforced and textured clamping areas. The 110mm width "bulge" in the middle of the bar will accept just about any clip-on bar. Underneath the tops is a slick single grove that is double-cable width to fit both cables.

One glance at the bar and you can tell it is an FSA product from the familiar looking red/white color scheme. The FSA K-Force Compacts are available in 40cm-44cm widths and come in a 31.8mm clamp diameter.


  • Measured center to center
  • 3K carbon-kevlar construction
  • Double-wide grooved cable routing
  • 120mm width bulge section
  • Textured surfaces on clamp areas
  • 31.8mm clamp diameter
  • 218 grams
  • Dimensions

  • 80mm Reach
  • 125mm Drop

  • $249.95
    Reg Price $269.95
    Item #: 386160