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Full Speed Ahead K-Force Lite SB-0 Seatpost

The FSA K-Force Lite seatpost is both strong and elegant. The one-piece monocoque carbon construction provides a simple and elegant appearance with smooth lines, because it is all carbon - no quill of head, just straight up carbon fiber. This also means no bonding necessary so the strength of the post is greatly increased. The SB-0 nomenclature stands for "Set Back-Zero" or in simpler terms, the seatpost has no setback and the saddle sits directly above the post.

The familiar red and white FSA team stripes and logos on the top and side of the post. Maximum insertion line to saddle rails is 250mm.


  • Gloss finish
  • 2 bolt saddle clamp
  • Zero setback for more forward position
  • M5 CroMoly and stainless steel hardware
  • One piece monocoque carbon fiber construction
  • 216 grams
  • $179.95
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    Reg Price $219.95


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    Posted on 12/20/2012

    Smoothed out the high-frequency buzz and big hit smack in the backside from my relatively stiff Pegoretti Marcelo steel frame. Required using a shim, but that's easy. As I have aged, I have moved my saddle a bit more forward, so a zero set-back model is a better fit to get the saddle rails of a Fizik Aliante in the middle of the clamp. I was skeptical that a switch from an aluminum Thomson straight post to this one could change the comfort of the ride, but it really does.

    Pros Comfort, strong calmp bolt

    Cons Kind of expensive, but you only live once


    Posted on 2/22/2011 9:39:26 AM

    Replaced my original seat-post that came with my bike which was a carbon wrapped alloy post on an all-aluminum frame. the FSA smoothed out the backside from all the little bumps you typically feel on aluminum and made the longer rides much more enduring. Not as thin in the carbon walls as some other seat-posts which makes it feel more durable since I weigh about 195lbs and am more inclined to criteriums. Liked the ability to have zero offset as it puts my saddle rail position more towards the middle and in case I set up for a more forward aero position on a road bike. Didn’t have any difficulties setting up but at 350mm long, on a 54cm frame, need to cut it down for a more reasonable length which is a factor if I were to sell it down the road. Make sure to stick to torque references as over-tightening could possibly cause cracks down the road since it is a carbon monoque piece.