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Profile Design Kage Bottle Cage

This smart design is not only light and durable, it is one of the best values we have. The "Kage" is split down the center with an elastic band to stretch around and cradle the bottle.


  • Tough composite material
  • Long satnding design
  • 43 grams
  • $7.95
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    Posted on 3/14/2007 8:37:18 PM

    I bought 6 at once and I’ve been through 4 in two seasons. The elastic strap that goes around the top section of the cage is the first thing to break Then, one of the lower wings will break. Once the elastic breaks, the bottls don’t stay in very well. Up until then, they never launched a bottle.


    Posted on 9/26/2006 8:25:45 PM

    Outstanding product. Do not be deceived by the price. These cages work extremely well. Water bottles do not vibrate in them and they will not ruin your bottles as some cages will.


    Posted on 8/5/2006 1:58:05 PM

    This is a durable cage that works. It does what it’s suppose to do. I recommend it for off-road use. I frequently fly down rocky descends on my hardtail and the Kage locks my bottle in place like a vise. Buy the Kage over the wimpy lighter Stryke which lets bottles fly out like a cannon ball after hitting a bump on the road. The elastic band of the Kage is useless. Don’t worry if it snaps off. The Kage will work just fine without that flimsy piece of rubber.