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LOOK Keo Blade 2 Cr Pedals

The Look Keo Blade 2 Cr pedals feature the widest and most supportive platform of the Keo series ever with a super-generous 700mm² surface area for the ultimate in shoe/pedal contact. Even with stiff and strong chromo spindles actual weight is only 223 grams per pair.

The "blade" is a carbon spring that powers the retention mechanism saving a huge amount of weight over a steel spring and supporting hardware. The Keo Blade 2 improves upon the Keo Blade with a centrally located spring giving a cleaner more refined appearance and improve aerodynamics. We stock the Blade 2 in 16 Newton meter and 12 Newton meter release tensions. There is not a huge difference in the feel of the 12Nm and 16Nm and most riders will likely want the 12Nm. Aggressive sprinters would tend to prefer the 16Nm.

Like all Look pedals, Look Keo Blade 2 pedal have an easy and intuitive entry/release action. Installing and adjusting Look cleats is also quite easy. The included Grey 4.5 Keo Grip cleat has soft rubber pads to help prevent slipping on slick surfaces. Look Keo Blade 2 Cr pedals install with a 8mm Allen wrench.


  • Wide 68mm platform
  • Generous 700mm² platform
  • 13mm stack height
  • Carbon body, Chromo Spindle and carbon blade
  • 223 grams per pair actual weight
Reg Price $279.99


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