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Catlike Kompact O Helmet

Catlike is known for its distinctive high-end helmets with exceptional venting, low weight and sophisticated crash protection that goes well beyond the CPSC standard. The Kompact'o greatly benefits from trickle down technology and delivers high end protection and features at a ridiculously low price and gram weight. If you have champaign taste and a beer budget, take a serious look at the Kompact'o. It might just be the best deal in helmets on the market today.

The Kompact'o features in-mold construction for strength and low nape protection for the back of the head. Like its more expensive brothers, it has dual air flow where large front and rear vents are connected with internal channels for incredible cooling and airflow. A unique feature of this price point beauty is insect netting on the front three vents - a feature any rider allergic to bee stings should seriously consider having.

Other features include a dial type adjustment that can be operated with one hand. There is extra padding and the straps are fully adjustable. As if the Kompact'o wasn't a great deal already, Catlike include a detachable visor for those who like a little more glare/sun protection.


  • 270 grams (medium)
  • In-mold construction
  • Anti-insect net on front vents
  • Includes detachable visor
  • Low nape protection design
  • Dual air flow design for maximum venting
Reg Price $114.95


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