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Mavic Ksyrium SLR WTS Rear Wheel

Mavic designed the Ksyrium SLR for the most demanding riders. This wheel is strong, stiff, aerodynamic, comfortable and durable - so it basically does it all. A perfect choice for those who take racing seriously. The rear wheel only weighs 770 grams and the set comes in at 1400 grams. The black Exalith rim is just a part of the full-black combo of hub, spokes, rim, and tire plus SSC graphics for out of this world good looks.

The Exalith treatment does more than just provide good looks. It is a process originally developed when the defense industry needed to increase the strength of the best aluminum alloys. You can expect this rim to last about 30% longer. A unique brake track treatment reduces stopping distances by 20% and wet weather stopping is virtually like dry. The Exalith specific treatment on the rim actually penetrates the alloy, so the rim keeps its distinctive anthracite grey color for thousands of kilometers so these wheels will retain their show bike looks even with heavy use. You can use any brake pads, but the Mavic Exalith brake pads will last longer, brake more quietly and won't wear down as quickly.

Mavic uses a mix of carbon and Zircal aluminum spokes for the ideal balance of stiffness and comfort. The non-drive side uses ultra-light Tracomp carbon spokes. Under normal loads, wheel deflection is limited by the very high traction resistance of carbon fiber. Under greater loads, where a normal wheel would flex more because of one of its spoke loosening, Tracomp spokes enter into compression and keep supporting the rim, preventing any further wheel deflection. the drive side has the proven Zircal aluminum spokes.

The WTS part refers to Mavic wheel and tire system which basically means they include a Powerlink rear tire so you can get all the performance out of the wheel. This is more than a gimmick. We have found the Powerlink last long and rolls fast like its name implies with the perfect amount of suppleness - not too stiff or too squishy. The Powerlink tire also has a nylon, puncture resistant belt making this grippy and supple tire surprisingly flat resistant. Shimano/SRAM compatible - call for Campagnolo compatibility.


  • 770 grams
  • 25mm rim section
  • Quick release, brake pads, spoke tool and hub tool included
  • 20 spokes radially laced non drive, 2-cross drive
  • Includes Griplink tire and tube
  • Exalith treated Maxtal rim
  • Welded and machined seam (SUP)
  • FTS-L cassette body
  • Machined braking surface (UB Control)

Recommended tire size 19mm to 32mm

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