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Fizik Kurve Snake Saddle

The Fizik Kurve saddle takes it to the next level in terms of saddle design and craftsmanship. This Snake version is 294mm long and 135mm wide. The Snake is designed for riders who use a more stretched, athletic position. It features a flat top with relatively firm padding. The shell is made with some give or "Wing flex" for comfort, free thigh movement and increased pedaling power. This saddle has a shape similar to the hugely popular Arione. So if you like the Arione, you will love the Kurve Snake!

Fizik equips the Kurve saddles with an advanced Mobias rail system made of cold-forged aluminum which supports the entire back of the saddle to eliminate pressure points. This incredible rail design also allows a more precisely control flex for the best ride feel and comfort. The Kurve comes with a soft tuner installed at the nose of the saddle which can be changed to the included hard tuner for a truly customized ride quality.

Examining the underside of the Kurve shows a carbon layup which could almost be displayed in an art museum. Fizik uses fewer layers in the center and sit bone area to allow a bit more flex for comfort. This saddle is ICS compatible meaning Fizik's ICS saddle bags or rear blink light can be simply clipped in with an unsightly straps or clamps.


  • 220 grams
  • 7x9mm oval saddle rail
  • Mobias rail system eliminates pressure point
  • ICS bag compatible
  • Can be tuned to 2 settings
  • Wing Flex shell for comfort and more free leg movement
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Item #: 701140 Weight: 220g
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