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Assos LL.bonKa S5 Tights


Perhaps what is most impressive about the Assos LL.bonKa bib tights is the fact they offer so much cold weather protection yet manage to be low volume and lightweight. This is only made possible by Assos's ability to design and create their own fabrics instead of being forced to use the existing materials and fabrics available through textile manufacturers and then incorporating them into garment designs. In essence, if they need a particular fabric to fill a design gap, they create it. These unique materials are engineered at the ASSOS Textile Laboratory Lugano. This development lab is comprised of a network of textile engineers and technicians who dream up and produce cutting edge and proprietary materials that are unique to Assos cycling apparel. This approach explains some of the costs of the clothing and why they function so well.

One of the first things you will notice with the LL.bonKa is the upper yolk suspenders. It is as if the designers and engineers went into designing the bibs with a complete blank slate and no priori knowledge on what a bib upper should look like - just how it should fit and perform. The yolk design offers more support for the lowers as well as improved freedom of movement and thermal value for the core of your body.

There are about a half dozen different fabrics used to create this garment, each with a specific purpose and task. RX Plus lycra with compacted waffled fleece for wicking and warmth is placed in the front areas of the bib tights. This material is combined with all way stretch stratagonLight windproofing in the abdominal area and stratagonUltra in the knees and thighs for added warmth and protection where it is most paramount. The Mille S5 elastic chamois is widely considered the best chamois available and has added insulation underneath the pad. The loop stirrups are thin, so they will not bunch up in your shoes and do a good job of keeping the tights secured on your legs. The combination of these proprietary materials makes the LL.bonKa have the protection of a full winter tight with the weight of a thin middle weight product. Less bulk and volume translates to more freedom of movement and a general nimble feel on the bike.

The fit of the LL.bonKa should not be overlooked. Assos employs their proven AEPD, Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design concept to make the garment fit like a second skin. When you first put the bib tights on, you will notice they pull in certain areas and the fabric around the knees tend to sag. When you get on the bike and assume the cycling position, the garment transforms into a second skin. You can have you cycling clothes fit when your sedentary or when you're cycling, you cannot have both. Assos chose the latter and it works like a charm.

Less is more with an emphasize on quality materials and design leads the LL.bonKa to be one of the best bib tights in its class. With proper care, they should last for many, many seasons.

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  • stratagonLight and stratagonUltra windproofing
  • Roubaix RX Plus compact and waffled fleece
  • Roubaix RX micro fleece
  • Legendary Mille S5 chamois
  • Loop stirrups
  • Single yolk upper suspenders
  • AEPD II anatomic fit
  • Sealed front zipper zips from both directions
  • Flat seams/stitching
  • $314.30
    Reg Price $449.00


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