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Assos LL.fugu S5 Bib Tights


When you think about it, why should cold weather bib tights just keep your legs warm. Since you are already wearing bib straps it would be an excellent opportunity to add insulation and thermal value to your core. And that is what Assos did with the Fugu. You get a well-insulated bib tight with an insulated upper to keep you core warm as well. Assos calls this the Torso Capsule. Incredibly warm, simply brilliant.

The entire garment is constructed from many AEPD anatomic panels made from different fabrics. These panels of different fabrics are placed in the areas where they are perform to task and are most effective. For example, the knees get anatomically cut panels made of strataGon airBlock and RXQ for windproofing and insulation. Front leg panels get more of the same except with heavier RX fleecing for added warmth. The upper receives thinner RXQ with anti-microbial treatments and venting for perspiration relief. In short, all panels play an individual role, but when combined, create a synergy that makes for perfection in a cold winter bib tight.

The upper has a 2 way zipper which makes relieving yourself roadside, an easy task. This is normally no small feat with many layers and a one way zipper. Stirrups keep the legs down and in place. The S5 chamois used in many Assos bibs, tights and short completes the package. If you're looking for the ultimate in a winter bib, the Fugu is in a class of its own.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System


  • Comfortable S5 chamois
  • Insulated upper with front and rear stabilizers
  • Full zipp top
  • Foot stirrups
  • Stratagon stretch airBlock
  • RX and RXQ insulation
  • 2-way zipper
  • Warmest tights ever made
Reg Price $649.99


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