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Assos LL.haBu S5 Bib Tights


The LL.haBu tights are designed for cycling in spring, fall & early/late winter riding. The different materials that compose the tights are stitched together with strategic placement so you have thermal material where you need warmth and elastic material where there is a lot of dynamic action while cycling. Their climate zone falls somewhere in the 40-60 degree range, so if you're looking for a 3-season tight to do it all, these HaBu's would probably be a good choice.

Thanks to the sheer 607 lycra and Roubaix/Roubaix Q micro fleeces the tights are super low volume and lightweight, almost like a second skin. The 607 panels offer plenty of compression and support and are slightly thicker than Assos's 434 lycra fabric. The Roubaix fleece is uses throughout most of the lower tights, while Roubaix Q waffle fleece is used in the thigh and knee areas to provide added warmth. Assos placed a Stratagon airBlock panel to the front abdominal area to protect this sensitive area from chill and discomfort. For the chamois, Assos wisely choose the elastic FI.Mille insert. Slightly thicker than other Assos inserts, it will off a little bit more warmth and insulation. The waffle, golf ball-like texture promotes airflow and perspiration dissipation. The insert is elastic, meaning it will literally stretch to your body. Clever loop stirrups are attached to the end of the leg cuff. They are thin and seamless so they will not bunch up in your shoes and do a good job of keeping the tights secured on your legs. Assos AEPD anatomic panels make the garment fit like a glove when in the cycling position. Due to the design, price and the climate zone the HaBu covers, they are our bestselling 3-season tight and a perennial staff favorite.

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  • Assos AEPD anatomic fit
  • Proprietary 607 lycra
  • Standard Roubaix fleece throughout
  • Roubaix Q waffled fleece knees and thighs
  • Stratagon airBlock abdominal panel
  • Elastic FI.Mille chamois
  • Soft, flat stitched stirrups
Reg Price $369.00


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