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Assos LS.skinFoil Early Winter Base Layer


Assos skinFoil garments usher in a new way of thinking about base layers. One piece, seamless and tubular constructed garments have replaced the older generation of pre-shaped and anatomically patterns that were stitched together to create the garment. The skinFoil provides perfect, second skin-like fit. No bunching or thick seams, just a natural extension or added layer to your skin.

For the Early Winter base layer, Assos provides a garment that has a medium weight which is good for increasing the thermal value of a shell or jacket to the appropriate temperature range. Like all skinFoil products, the Early Winter is a one piece garment assembly that is made possible due to modern construction techniques due to a custom design yarn matrix.

The custom yarn matrix build also allows for Assos's bodyMap design. This refers to the use of different fabric thickness, structure and elasticity depending on the body area. This enhances performance, breathability and moisture management. The push-pull nature of the loft fabrics used offer an environment perfect for wicking and body climate regulation. The skinFoil is both antistatic and antibacterial. Quite possibly the world's best base layer. Availible in black only, choose your size.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System


  • Next-to-skin AEPD anatomic fit
  • Proprietary bodyMap thickness variation
  • One piece tubular construction
  • Antistatic and antibacterial
  • Select size


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