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Road    Tubes

Vittoria Latex Road Tube

The latex vs. butyl tube debate has gone on for years. Latex is lighter and has a better ride quality while butyl is heavier and less expensive. Beyond that, latex is un-patchable and cannot be serviced. Some riders would not dream of spending somewhere just south of 20 dollars for a tube, while others consider it a great value to shave a few grams and improve ride quality. It all comes down to your perspective.

The seamless and pink Vittoria latex tube weighs in at a feathery 74 grams. The valve stem measures in at 51mm length and features a removable valve core. The removable core which can be replaced if damaged or substituted with a longer valve for aero rims. This is the same tube used in the Vittoria Corsa tubular tire.


  • Fits all standard 700x19-25mm road tires
  • Smooth valve stem
  • Removable valve core
  • Improves handling and tire performance
  • 74 grams
Reg Price $18.00
Item #: 960200