Speedplay Leg Length Kit V.2

Leg length discrepancies can cause a host of issues. If your doctor or bike fitter can identify a leg length discrepancy (usually through x-rays) than shimming the shorter leg can amount to a miracle cure. Speedplay makes shimming easy and precise thanks to this kit.

The Speedplay V.2 Leg Length Shim Kit includes two 1/8" V.2 Leg Length Shims and two sets of V.2 screws. V.2 Cleat Fastening Screws are visually distinct from pre-V.2 cleat fastening screws. The V.2 Cleat fastening screws are not continuously threaded up to the head of the screw. Instead, the threads of the screw stop mid-way up the screw shaft and then have a small, unthreaded section of the shaft continuing to the screw head. These screws are pre-Loctited.


  • Includes two 1/8" V.2 Leg length Shims
  • Includes four V.2 4x16mm and four 4x19mm cleat fastening screws
  • Speedplay part number 14040
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