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Castelli Lightness Gloves

The Castelli Lightness Glove is perfect for slightly chilly days when an insulated glove would be too warm. Regardless of where you live, these glove prove to be useful in just about any climate region. At this point, the Lightness gloves are practically standard issue and you'll find these in just about every staff members clothing arsenal. Price per performance, these daily drivers are hard to beat.

The Lightness Glove is sectioned into two parts, the front and the rear. The front section has a Clarino palm for grip and comfort. This washable fabric looks and feels like natural leather but is more durable, retains softness when wet and offers far superior breathability. A large silicon graphic acts as the gripping mechanism for a sure hold on the bars. This functional graphic adds some style points as well. The rear section of the Lightness glove is constructed from one solid panel of Thermoflex Light. For those of you who are new to this fabric, Thermoflex allows for simultaneous breathability, warmth and elasticity. It's the perfect trilogy for the rear panel of a glove. The last detail is the simple stretch cuff which makes getting the gloves on and off easy and easy task. For the proper condition, we would say these are best of show. The Lightness run true to size.


  • Clarino palm with silicon logo grip
  • Thermoflex Light back panel
  • Simple stretch cuff
  • Quality design with a great fit

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