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Minoura LiveRide LR960 Trainer


At the very top of Minoura trainer range sits the LR960. It is the finest trainer they have ever produced and possibly the best trainer we have offered to the public. Every component and function of this trainer has been scrutinized and overbuilt for the ultimate in durability. The frame features stout steel construction with huge welds. The one piece dual tubular legs feature a slick dial height adjustment. Pre-set quick release skewer makes installing and removing the frame downright easy. The cable actuated resistance control simply clips on your handlebar to allow you to adjust 13 levels of tension. Beyond the beautiful construction of the product, the real magic lies in the Neodymium magnet. In the case of the LR960, it is actually dual Neodymium magnets for the ultimate training experience.

The name Neodymium may sound new to you, but it has been in use by Toyota for some time and serves as a major component in all of their Hybrid car designs. These magnets are considered rare earth magnets that are permanent. Meaning, they will not fade or lose strength over time. Simply put, they are super magnets. And thanks to Toyota, Minoura gets modern magnet technology from a major world company that would have been impossible to acquire on their own.

The Neodymium super magnet offers what previous magnets could not: resistance under heavy load. Older mag trainers using Ferrite magnets could be over powered on their hardest settings. The Neodymium now can be adjusted from easy to impossible. You can now experience what the pros prefer. Smooth and consistent power that has adjustable tension/resistance. Over the past decade, fluid based trainers have been very popular but suffer a fatal flaw. There is no adjustability of the resistance level. The harder you pedal the more resistance build up and that's it. There is no way to adjust or meter the relationship of power and resistance. With Minoura's Stair-Step Neodymium magnets you can have any workout you desire. You also get the most realistic experience with these trainers - hence the term LiveRide trainers.

Minoura's Live Training apps and accessories are available for purchase and feature Smartphone interconnectivity to the trainer. You most likely own the most powerful cycling computer you can buy today - your Smartphone. Minoura merges the Smartphone with the trainer via software applications for indoor cycling nirvana. You will be able to download courses, track your workouts and set goals. Upload to Strava to compare your training data, link to virtually all social media outlets and much more.


  • Dual Neodymium magnets
  • 13 resistance levels
  • Stout steel frame
  • Red tubular steel legs with dial micro adjust dial
  • Preset wheel release
  • Most realistic feel of any trainer
  • Clip-on handlebar resistance shifter
  • Quiet and smooth power
  • Allows high-speed/low-resistance training
  • 36mm diameter tubular frame
  • Made in Japan
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