Shimano Low Profile Buckle and Strap Set

OE Low Profile buckle and strap set for Shimano M315, R-315 and R241 shoes. These also work with SH-R320/ R315/ R260/ R241/R170/ R107/XC90/ XC70/XC61/XC51/ XC51N/ M315/ M200/ M163/M089/ WR83/ WR62/ WM83. Select black or white. The Black color is stock for the M315 and black R241. White is stock for the R315 and white R241 model. Installation of both buckles and straps is simple and only takes a few minutes.


  • Spring loaded buckle clasps
  • Durable ratchet straps
  • 2 mounting screws included
  • Shimano part number ESMSHLOBBSS (black) and ESMSHLOBWSS (white)


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