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Cyclocross    Tires - Tubular

Clement MXP Tubular Cyclocross Tire

The Clement MXP Tubular is their newest tubular cyclocross tire that combines an intermediate tread pattern with an innovative tubeless casing to create an excellent all-conditions tubular.

The MXP is named after the airport code for Milan, Italy, a World Cup venue that calls for an all-conditions tire. The name is also a reference to Clement's Italian pedigree.

The MXP tread is an updated version of the classic Grifo profile first developed by Clement decades ago. Some of the changes include cuts in the central chevrons to allow the tread to flex and more aggressive side knobs with a shape inspired by a soccer cleat. The MXP is designed for a wide variety of conditions and variable surfaces. It excels on grass, loose dirt, sand, moderate mud, hard pack, snow and pavement. If you could only have one cyclocross tire, this is the one to have.

With the MXP, there is no inner tube, instead the entire casing is airtight. This creates a very light-weight tire, but more importantly it is very resistant to punctures. The tire has a removable valve core so it accepts sealant liquid easily, and typical punctures can be quickly sealed from the inside. The sidewall is much more durable than traditional tubulars, and is coated with rubber to prevent deterioration from water, mud, and dirt. No additional sidewall coating is necessary. The tread is manufactured integral with the tire and can't peel away or become detached from the casing. A quality manufacturing process results in a tubular tire that is much easier to install. The tire is straight and the base-tape is consistent, providing an easy-to-glue surface.


  • 370 grams
  • Tubeless casing
  • Max psi 65
  • Center chevrons and staggered side knobs for all-conditions
  • Soft rubber compound for extra grip and shock absorption
  • Pro designed and tested
Reg Price $129.00
Item #: 744405 Weight: 370g