Lezyne Micro Drive Rear Light

This simple and stout design is very easy to use to use and offers unmatched visibility and durability in the field. As you would expect from Lezyne, the body is beautifully constructed from CNC alloy and polished to a high luster. The front of the body has cut always which allow for 180° of side visibility.

The LED bulb has increased range through the MOR (Maximum Reflective Lens) which gives a clean beam of light is wider and brighter than a standard lens. The sealed silicone power button on the top of the body activates the light. You can choose from flash, pulse and a low or regular sustained mode. The output is an astonishing 30 or 70 lumens depending on the mode. Burn time is a respectable 5-16 hours. The rechargeable USB port is located at the rear of the light. The light easily attaches to a wide range of round seatpost diameters via a snap-fit Composite Matrix mount, with a multi-position silicon rubber strap for tool-less installation. The dedicated rear mount points upward to ensure light is directed straight back.


  • Output of 30-70 lumens
  • Polished CNC alloy body
  • Rechargeable USB port
  • LED bulb with MOR optics
  • 5-16 hour burn time
  • Carbon mount included
  • 4 lighting modes
  • 47 grams
Sale Price
Reg Price $49.99


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