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KMC MissingLink 9

Simple and brilliant design, the MissingLink allows you to connect one side of a KMC 9 speed chain to the other. Simply cut the chain to length then clip the MissingLink to each side of the chain, fasten and apply pressure to the chain or use a chain plier to lock the MissingLink in place and installation is complete. These links are 6.6mm and are compatible with virtually any 9 speed drivetrain. You can keep re-using the MissingLink 9 as long as it is used with the original chain in which it was installed.


  • Compatible with all 9 speed drivetrains
  • 6.6mm width
  • Treated for durability
  • Reusable

These master links should be installed new with a new chain and can be re-used with this chain (uninstalled and re-installed for maintenance and cleaning). It should be disposed of with the original chain, when the chain has reached the end of its life cycle.

Item #: 293440