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Catlike Mixino VD 2.0 Helmet

The Mixino VD 2.0 is an aero road helmet designed for track riding and shorter time trials. It is basically a Flagship Mixino with a UCI legal fixed aerodynamic outer shell. Like the new generation of aero road helmets, we see the Mixino VD 2.0 being used for road stages too in cool to moderate weather for the substantial reductions in drag and subsequent watt savings provided by using an aero helmet.

A MS EVO retention system is designed to fit any head size and is super comfortable even when the helmet is tight and secure. The wheel can be operated with one hand and has micro-clicks for a perfect adjustment. Side, height and rear adjustments can all be tailored with the MPS EVO fitting system.

The pads of the Mixino VD 2.0 feature Outlast technology which employs a phase change material which absorbs the heat, it stores it and then frees it when needed to achieve an ideal control both of the humidity and temperature.

Like all cycling helmets sold in the U.S. the Mixino VD 2.0 is CPSC certified, but Catlike takes the Mixino VD 2.0 a step further with cutting edge technologies so you can have Maximum protection. An Aramid roll cage hold the helmet together with an internal web of extremely tough fibers. The Crash Energy Splitter refers to the honeycomb structure that spread the impact force through several cells significantly increasing safety. Graphene is exclusive in the Mixino series for a protective layer 200 time stronger than steel. The front of the Mixino has a Shock Absorption System consisting of special expanded polystyrene for better absorbing front impacts.


  • 300 grams (medium)
  • Fixed aerodynamic shell with 4 rear vents
  • In-mold construction
  • Ultralight multi-position strap retention system (MPS eVo)
  • Outlast padding for optimal thermal comfort
  • Roll cage made of Aramid fibers and Graphene
Reg Price $334.95


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