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WTB Nano Race 29er Tire

The Nano 29er tire, with its micro-knob, semi slick design and large casing targets the XC race field and riding in hardpack to moist and dry conditions. The elevated centerline tread rolls quickly while the 'working edges' provide traction when the tire is rolled over and cornering.

The WTB design gurus really focus on cornering with all of their tires, so it's no surprise that even with the lack of large knobs and rubber, the Nanos grip and corner surprisingly well. The Race version comes in a very low weight - 560 grams to satisfy the racers needs, or anyone looking to reduce rolling weight. The DNA rubber compound is very sticky and has a decent wear life. The Aramid bead is not only durable but lightweight as well.


  • Aramid bead
  • DNA rubber compound
  • Working edges
  • Elevated centerline tread
  • 560 grams
  • $38.88
    Reg Price $55.00
    Item #: 752060


    Average Rating:

    3/5/2011 9:22:29 AM

     Anonymous : 

    Great rear tire for singlespeeding or on your hardtail 29er. I run this alongside a Weirwolf LT up front. When run tubeless with Stan’s, the lower pressures let this really engage in all but the loosest soils here out West. Wouldn’t recommend running it up front unless you’re mainly riding fire roads or willing to give up some handling in favor of speed.