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Oakley NanoClear Lens Cleaner-Hydrophobic Kit

The Oakley Nanoclear™ Lens cleaner + Hydrophobic Kit is perfect for cleaning your lenses and leaving a specially engineered coating all in one step. Each kit is good for 50 plus applications.

Even the world's best lenses can't do their job if they're coated with water, oils or dust. That's why Oakley invented Oakley Hydrophobic, a lens coating that prevents those performance killers from threatening vision in the heat of competition.

This world-class optical technology performs three critical functions. It prevents moisture buildup, so rain and perspiration won't leave streaks and sheens that can compromise vision. Droplets ball up and bead off the surface. Second, it repels oils, making it easier to keep lenses clean. Skin oils, fingerprints and lotions are easily wiped away without leaving residue. Lastly, it prevents dirt, dust and other particles from clinging to the lens.


  • Cleans and treats all in one step
  • Prevents dirt and dust from clinging to lens
  • Allows fingerprints and skin oils to easily wipe off
  • Prevents moisture buildup causing moisture to bead off
  • Perfect to refresh the factory hydrophobic coating or lens cleaning

    Please note: Not compatible with snow goggles or anti-fog treated lenses.

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