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Oakley NanoClear Lens Cleaner-Hydrophobic Kit

The Oakley Nanoclear Lens Cleaner + Hydrophobic Kit is perfect for cleaning your precious Oakley lenses and leaving a specially engineered coating all in one step. It refreshes the factory Hydrophobic treatment to increase lens performance.

For those unfamiliar with Oakley's Hydrophobic lens feature, it's a performance lens coating that repels water, perspiration vapor and smudges. Beyond this the coating is also anti-static so it won't attract dust and dirt. An application of NanoClear using the pen-style applicator and quick wipe of the supplied Microclear cloth helps bring your eyewear back to its original state.

The NanoClear Lens Cleaner-Hydrophobic Kit includes one Nanoclear bottle/applicator and Microclear cloth. Supplied bottle will allow about 50 applications.


  • Hydrophobic® refreshment coating
  • One step lens treatment and cleaner
  • Stops dirt and dust from clinging to lens
  • Allows smudging and skin oils to easily wipe off
  • Prevents moisture buildup

Nanoclear Lens Cleaner is not compatible with goggles or anti-fog treated lenses, but will work on all brands of standard eyewear.

Item #: 642999 Weight: 88g
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