Rotor Number Plate Holder

Number plate holders are a fixture on every Pro's bike. The Rotor number plate holder fits in between the brake bridge and rear brake and includes a nut and bolt to securely hold and display a race number.


  • 8 grams
  • Cleanly displays a race number
  • Made from a 1.8mm stainless steel plate
  • Simple installation between brake and bike frame
  • Stainless bolts and Nylon lock nuts prevent loosening in use
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Posted on 7/30/2014

Simple to install, holds a plate securely, My only gripe is they no longer come with a self-locking nut. Really guys, for $10 a pop you can no longer afford the "expensive" nut? Ya really oughta include a stainless steel bolt while you're at it as well.

Pros Makes making your own rather silly

Cons Cheapo hardware