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Mavic Open Pro CD Road Rim

Use these light weight rims for fast acceleration and climbing ease. Features Maxtal Aluminum for greater strength, machined braking surface for better braking performance, and a welded rim joint for better durability. Hard anodized, dark gray version of the Open Pro. The increased surface hardness of the hard anodized process adds strength and provides a sleek look.


  • 435 grams
  • Heat treated (CD) alloy
  • Double eyelets
  • Machined braking service
  • Welded seams

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  • $89.95


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    Posted on 9/19/2009 1:25:59 PM

    To remedy the "open pro click", take your tire tube and rim tape off the wheel. On either side of the welding seam on the rimbed you will find two punch marks, one on each side of the seam. With the rim blocked up by a piece of wood use a center punch and hammer to carefully increase the indentation of those marks. As long as you don’t go apeshiizen this won’t harm the rim and the piece of metal in the rim (which was used to jig the two rim ends together to make the joint) will be pinned into place once again. No more clicking.


    Posted on 1/27/2006 9:41:38 AM

    I love the weight and strength as a big rider who demands light weight ann a wheel set that remains true. However my rear wheel developed the same click my last set did. 3 years later and same noise. It seems to be an issue


    Posted on 8/6/2005 7:43:21 PM

    The ceramic surface provides super smooth and powerful braking. My wheels have stayed true despite some big hits. On the down side, one of my rims developed an annoying click. The Mavic rep told me that a slug is used to line up the rim before welding and that slug sometimes comes loose. That may have happened after one of the above mentioned big hits. click. I can’t glue the slug back in place because the eyelets block access to the rim so it’s click, click, click until I replace these wheels.